What is 'Search' mode in Digital PR

What is 'Search' mode in Digital PR?
By Charlene White, DigiPR Founder & Chief Digital PR Strategist
By Charlene White, DigiPR Founder & Chief Digital PR Strategist

‘Search’ mode is where you find your most qualified audiences.

People in ‘Search’ mode are your hot audiences who are in market and specifically researching online for what your brand has to offer (sell) or say (thought leadership/influence into action)

In effect, leveraging ‘Search’ mode gives you access to the largest, most trusted media organisation in the world – Google.

To reach people in ‘Search’ mode requires a mix of art and science – which is where Digital PR comes in. 

It involves researching, planning and creating high quality campaigns that leverage content across all channels which is also built to rank on P1 of search engines. 

It also requires you to pitch to media differently and create online engagement in a way that builds online authority for your brand. 

Reaching audiences in ‘Search’ mode means you can create the perfect intersection between providing something you know your audience actually wants and delivering high quality content exactly when they are searching for it.

Gearing your communications strategies for ‘Search’ involves using data, new digital tools and also PR-SEO to ensure it can compete and rank for the top spots online.

When you do it correctly, it benefits your brand’s entire online authority and reputation.

But reaching people properly in ‘Search’ mode doesn’t just happen by accident. 

It should also not be left to another department or agency to do. 

As a PR pro, you now need to learn how to build this into everything you do. The only way that can be achieved is by using Digital PR planning, data, new tools and activation techniques to get real measurable results.

In effect, Digital PR involves merging ‘Search’ and ‘Browse’ modes together to create an omnipresence


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*This excerpt first appeared in ‘How to create an omnipresence with Digital PR.