What is 'Browse' mode in Digital PR?

What is Browse mode
By Charlene White, DigiPR Founder & Chief Digital PR Strategist
By Charlene White, DigiPR Founder & Chief Digital PR Strategist

‘Browse’ mode in Digital PR is defined as capturing audiences in the moment via traditional media (both print and online) and social media channels.

In effect, they’re the channels we have traditionally only leveraged as part of our PR/communications work.

‘Browse’ mode targets a broad audience (particularly if unpaid) who are typically less engaged. Organic reach to your existing audiences is also limited if your social activity is not amplified (paid).

Those in ‘Browse’ mode are, what I define, as a cold audience. They’re not expecting you in their feeds or when they visit a news site, but will stop scrolling if your content is relevant and interesting/engaging enough.

Hope is the key strategy here as it relies on the law of averages for the right people to be on the right channels, at the right time. It also relies on your work resonating enough with a percentage of those who have come across you to stop and take action.

When you look at it that way, it’s a little crazy to just rely on this strategy alone right?

Digital PR involves merging  ‘Browse’ and ‘Search’ modes together to create an omnipresence


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*This excerpt first appeared in ‘How to create an omnipresence with Digital PR.