Digital PR for in-house Comms teams

Learn how to build your brand's visibility, reputation and online authority with a fully integrated Digital PR process that gets real measurable results.

What we offer...

We love working with in-house PR and Communications teams/individuals who are serious about stepping up their Digital PR game.


Digital PR Workshops

Our intensive Digital PR training workshops provide your team with a full overview of Digital PR and a complete Digital PR transformation toolbox of everything you need to know, do and use to become a Digital PR pro.

(Run as one full day or two half-days)

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The Complete Digital PR Experience


This includes a full day workshop which covers everything you need to know and implement in order to be Digital PR ‘smart’.

We then sit right alongside you (for a period of time) as your personal Digital PR trainer to help implement all the tools and systems you need to get your Digital PR process embedded and underway! 

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Team or one-on-one

Life as a comms pro can be demanding. There’s never enough time or budget to do it all. DigiPR’s mentoring helps solve this with a personalised Digital PR transformation program to help you succeed. Whether it’s weekly mentoring sessions with your team, one-off project/campaign support or helping you develop your full Digital PR strategy for the year, we sit alongside you every step of the way to ensure no opportunity is left unturned.  

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