Digital PR Transformation for Agencies

Become a Digital PR 'pro-level' agency with Digital PR Training.

Stand out from a sea of 'same-same-but-different' traditional PR agencies.

Understand the language and 'hold your own' when it comes to competing for, or discussing, clients with other digital agencies.

What we offer...

NOTE: DigiPR does not compete with PR agencies…we work alongside you to increase your capabilities and make you more awesome!

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Digital PR Workshops for PR Agencies

Our highly intensive workshops provide your team with a full overview of the Digital PR system as well as a complete toolbox of everything you need to know, do and use to become a Digital PR Pro-Agency ! Learn Digital PR for your Agency.

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Digital PR offering for
PR Agencies

Expand the services your agency can offer by learning the Digital PR process. Then ‘wow’ your clients with your new knowledge and capabilities. Beef up your pitches (and revenue streams) to stand out from the crowd and also coach your clients. 

Learn from us first –  then become a Digital PR Master-Trainer for yourselves!

Digital PR training – We give you everything you need! 

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Digital PR Mentoring for PR Agencies

DigiPR’s mentoring provides you with all the help and support you need to become a fully fledged Digital PR Pro-Agency. Whether it is weekly mentoring sessions or help with PR SEO or digital strategy for one-off client projects/campaigns, we sit alongside you to help you every step of the way. 

In effect, we are an agency for your agency by helping you look even more awesome in front of your clients! Learn Digital PR for your Agency.

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