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Whether you’re an agency or in-house, part of a team or a sole PR practitioner, we make it easy for you to get up to speed with everything you need to know about Digital PR.

Our Digital PR program teaches you the exact process you need to build strong online authority, reputation and trust  for your brand, or clients, using the right data insights, digital tools, techniques and channels.

Digital PR is increasingly in demand by employers and clients – get ahead of the curve.

Learn how to create an integrated Digital PR plan that not only helps you do better work, but also better measure your success and show the real impact of your work…beyond column inches and sentiment.

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Digital PR learning options:

                                         Regardless of where you’re based in the world, our Digital PR training programs have you covered. We run Digital PR workshops (live and online)                                                           as well as specialised coaching and mentoring programs to suit every PR practitioner’s needs.

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Learn Digital PR online in your own time, at your own pace with our online learning course for individuals.

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Online Digital PR training course

Learn Digital PR online in your own time, at your own pace.  Sign-up now and get instant access to all the Digital PR course modules right now! 

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Learn how to:

  • Use new data and digital tools to take the guesswork out of your Communications work
  • Understand how to leverage a brand’s entire digital footprint and online authority
  • Activate your campaigns with media and social channels to create an omnipresence, drive better audience engagement and grow your brand’s online reputation
  • Create campaigns that capture audiences in both ‘Browse’ and ‘Search mode
  • Understand what your audience actually wants and gear your content to be found where they are hanging out
  • Use better measurement metrics to show the true value and impact of your work…beyond column inches and sentiment

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What people say about the program:

"I really enjoyed this Digital PR course and immediately found ways it could help my approach to
working with clients. Great insights, tools and a course focused on driving business deliverables. I highly recommend it to anyone in PR and Communications."
Steve Blackburn, Scope Media

Why should I do this Digital PR program?

Quite simply, because you can’t afford not to. 

Things are moving fast…and if we don’t evolve as an industry in the digital space, we risk being left behind!

While traditional media and social media are still very effective tools in a PR professional’s arsenal (if used for digital correctly), they are only part of the solution. 

We now need to go wider and leverage other techniques to build our brand or clients’ entire digital reputation and better reach our audiences. 

Digital has given rise to so many great new tools and ways to plan and execute a successful PR strategy in the digital age. 

Our Digital PR course shows you exactly what they are and how to use them to build an effective Digital PR strategy. 

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