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Our Digital PR story

DigiPR was founded by Kiwi-born PR pro, Charlene White. 

After almost 20 years in Corporate Communications, Charlene saw the impact digital was having on the PR industry several years ago and the lack of insight and resources available to help PR pro’s adapt. 

After several years studying the art of Digital PR, and working with some of the best in the business, she developed a comprehensive yet, easy-to-follow, Digital PR strategy process which smashes together traditional PR techniques with new digital tools, data, PR-SEO and measurement metrics to make it easy to plan and activate for real measurable results.

Having seen the success her process was creating for her consulting clients, she launched DigiPR in 2019 to help PR pro’s also lift their Digital PR game. 

" Digital has changed the game for everyone!

Whilst most PR pro's are implementing some form of digital in their PR campaigns, many aren't going far enough and harnessing the power of our craft to elevate a brand's overall online authority.

To succeed in today's Digital age, you now need to go wider with our work and use data, new digital tools and new processes to reach your audiences in both 'Browse' and 'Search' mode.

We can show you how!

I guarantee it will change the way you think, see and design your communications' strategies forever!"
Charlene White, DigiPR
Charlene White, DigiPR Founder and Chief Digital PR Strategist
Charlene White, DigiPR

About Charlene White

With an extensive background in journalism and Corporate Communications, Charlene has cracked the code when it comes to leveraging an integrated Digital PR strategy with new digital tools, data insights and processes to successfully reach key audiences  in today’s complex digital world.

Having worked in high profile comms roles in New Zealand, the UK and Middle East, Charlene has distilled more than 25 years of comms experience into an easy-to-follow digital communications process that captures audiences in both digital ‘browse’ and ‘search’ mode.

She is a highly sought after PR coach and consultant in Australasia, a trainer for PRINZ and also an advisor and mentor for AUT’s Communications’ faculty. 

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