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We’re Digital PR experts who show you the future of communications.

We’re focused on upskilling agencies, in-house Communications teams and individual PR pro’s on their Digital PR game. 

In effect, we exist to make you more awesome as a PR team or professional!



Because the Digital Age has disrupted almost every industry in the last decade – including Public Relations and the way we communicate to our audiences. 

COVID19 has also amplified our audiences’ reliance on digital. This has changed the game for Public Relations and Communications pros. 

Using a traditional PR approach is no longer enough. We now need to go further with our work and adapt our strategies to the new age of Digital PR risk being left behind.

This requires an entirely new Communications mindset, process and practice in order to remain relevant and also better show the value and impact of the work we do.


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About DigiPR

DigiPR was set up by New Zealand-based founder Charlene White to make it easy for PR/Communications pro’s to upskill and grow their Digital PR expertise.

After working all around the world and then seeing the change taking place with digital over the last five years, she went on a mission to figure out what Digital PR means for practitioners now, and in the future.

As a result, she has learnt from some of the best digital guru’s in the world and has developed a specific Digital PR process that incorporates all the best bits to help you develop an effective Digital PR strategy that also future-proofs your career.

Charlene is a master Digital PR expert who has already coached over a thousand PR professionals as well as numerous agencies and in-house teams all over the globe in the last two years.

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